Blog: Why We Launched ‘Let’s Clear the Air’

On a July 2023 episode of his New York Times podcast, Ezra Klein noted that the biggest solar array in the U.S. has an electricity generation capacity of 579 megawatts (MW). He went on to say:


We need to build two 400 MW solar arrays per week for the next 30 years to hit a middle of the road renewables pathway. We don’t have the capacity to do that.


This comes from Klein — an avowed progressive who says climate change is the most important issue facing America and the world. He advocates for aggressive action and massive expense to change our energy system and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

His comment about the lack of capacity to replace our current energy infrastructure is the same kind of thinking that animates the decision to launch Let’s Clear the Air. When it comes to energy and the climate, we don’t need business as usual partisan wrangling. We need a thoughtful, reasoned discussion that brings experts from all relevant fields together to set realistic goals and chart a real-world path to achieving them. Together, we need to communicate about what’s possible, as well as the necessary costs and trade-offs.

We started the Let’s Clear the Air campaign to bring the midstream energy industry into that discussion. The midstream is home to thousands of engineers and scientists — subject matter experts with hands-on experience developing and carrying out the processes that convert raw materials into the energy that powers every aspect of modern life. The midstream industry is also made up of tens of thousands of people who are neighbors, friends and parents who want the best and safest lives for their families and communities.

The expertise that resides in the midstream industry is an untapped resource as our political leaders seek to change how we produce and consume energy. Since energy and energy products touch virtually every aspect of modern life, both in the U.S. and around the world, anything done to alter its sources and supply must be done thoughtfully to maintain secure, reliable and affordable access for everyone. Let’s Clear the Air is raising the midstream’s collective hand to communicate that we have something to say worth hearing.

Through this initiative, we’re correcting common misperceptions about energy and sharing our perspective on energy transition, climate change, and the environment. We’re also inviting you to join us. Let’s Clear the Air isn’t intended as a one-sided lecture about right ways or wrong ways to transition from today to the future. It’s an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas, to engage everyone in thinking and talking about energy, climate, and the environment.

You don’t have to be an expert to join us in this discussion. Ideas and insights are often sparked by a question from someone who’s curious and wants to know more.

We don’t have all the answers. The truth is, no one does. Working together, using the strength of different disciplines, ideologies, and perspectives, we can find and implement realistic solutions to produce the clean, affordable, and reliable energy we need.

About the Author

Kevin Broom is Vice President of Marketing & Communications for GPA Midstream. In that role, he’s a leader of the Let’s Clear the Air campaign.

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