Underground Hydrogen Could Supercharge Green Energy – First Scientists Have To Find It

(photo: Robert Sterling/Confluence Resources - from article page)

The global hunt for underground hydrogen is underway, with geologists and energy firms searching for this clean and abundant resource. Unlike industrial methods that require electricity, geologic hydrogen occurs naturally through a chemical reaction between iron-rich minerals and water deep underground.

While it offers a cheap and clean solution for the global economy, finding and transporting it commercially poses many challenges. However, with the potential to power grids, factories, homes, and vehicles, hydrogen is gaining attention. Private investment and government funding are fueling the hunt for underground hydrogen, and companies are deploying sensors to detect its emissions. As discoveries continue and technologies improve, underground hydrogen could be pivotal in reducing carbon emissions and transforming the global energy landscape.

Drilling for underground hydrogen involves leasing sites, obtaining mineral rights, and ensuring safety measures due to its flammability. Upstream companies are already preparing to extract commercial supplies of hydrogen from test wells in various locations. When these supplies are developed, midstream companies will be ready to transport them to markets around the U.S.

The future of underground hydrogen looks promising, potentially revolutionizing the global energy landscape. As more discoveries are made and technologies improve, underground hydrogen could significantly reduce carbon emissions and address climate change.

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