Concrete Traps CO2 Soaked From Air in Climate-Friendly Test

(from Reuters article / Nathan Frandino)

California-based startup Heirloom Carbon Technologies has teamed up with CarbonCure Technologies in Canada to create concrete using carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. The two firms used Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology to gather around 30 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere around Heirloom’s San Francisco base.

This marks the first time CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere has been secured in concrete, where it will stay for centuries. The use of concrete, which is widely used and has a great potential for absorbing CO2, could help reduce the amount of emissions in the atmosphere, creating a model for potentially fighting climate change. Concrete accounts for around 8% of global emissions of carbon dioxide, including those of cement.

The challenge, however, is to build expensive, massive plants capable of capturing millions or billions of tons a year to really make an impact on climate change.

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