Press Release: HIF Global Engages Bechtel, Siemens Energy, and Topsoe for eFuels Project in USA

HIF Global, an eFuels company, has announced that it has engaged Bechtel Energy, Siemens Energy, and Topsoe to conduct the front-end engineering and design of a facility in Matagorda County, Texas to produce carbon-neutral gasoline.

The facility will use green hydrogen from renewable power and approximately 2 million tons of CO2 captured from the atmosphere to produce around 200 million gallons of carbon-neutral gasoline per year by 2027, with the potential to decarbonize over 400,000 vehicles.

Bechtel Energy will be responsible for the engineering and design of the overall facility, Siemens Energy will provide the engineering and design of their proprietary “Silyzer 300” electrolyzers, and Topsoe will provide the engineering and design for the methanol and methanol-to-gasoline processes.

The construction phase is expected to begin in 2024, and it is estimated that it will create approximately 4,500 direct jobs during the construction phase and over 100 permanent operating jobs.

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