Aug 30, 2023

Episode 9 – Budding Clean Energy Technologies with Worley Engineering’s Marcia Leonard

Let's Clear the Air Energy Podcast
Let's Clear the Air Energy Podcast
Episode 9 - Budding Clean Energy Technologies with Worley Engineering’s Marcia Leonard

In this episode, we get some perspective on navigating the evolving energy landscape from an emerging leader in the industry.

Marcia Leonard is the Low Carbon Energy Sector Lead with Worley, a global engineering services company. Marcia comes from generations in the oil and gas industry and now focuses on bridging the gap between conventional energy and power generation with low carbon solutions.

She’s also host of the Elemental Energy Podcast, which simplifies decarbonization to give listeners short, positive insight on the energy industry.

Topics covered in the interview include:

  • Marcia’s research on promising clean energy technologies:
    • Net Power: Transforms natural gas into clean energy through an oxy-combustion process that captures all emissions.
    • Gold Hydrogen: Inexpensive, eco-friendly hydrogen extracted from existing oil and gas sites developed by the company Cemvita.
  • Why forcing people into EVs is counterproductive in efforts to decarbonize.
  • The potential for small modular nuclear reactors and how nuclear energy has a better safety record than other forms of power generation.
  • The potential of hydrogen for public transportation and long-haul transportation instead of personal vehicles.
  • Why she refers to changes in the energy industry as energy transformation instead of the energy transition.

“In order for us to hit the goal of decarbonization, we are going to transform the way that we currently produce energy,” Leonard says. “We are never going to get rid of oil and gas. We still need it for things like polymers for plastic and fertilizers.”


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