May 04, 2023

Episode 1 – Meet the Hosts

Let's Clear the Air Energy Podcast
Let's Clear the Air Energy Podcast
Episode 1 - Meet the Hosts

In the inaugural episode of Let’s Clear the Air Energy Podcast, hosts Adam Murray and Dr. Andrew Parker talk about the purpose of this show and preview some of the guests they’ll be interviewing.

The show is part of the Let’s Clear the Air public education campaign of GPA Midstream Association and GPSA Midstream Suppliers. Nearly 60,000 midstream professionals work tirelessly to provide reliable energy, counteract climate change and strengthen the country’s economy.

Andrew and Adam will have conversations with some of the world’s top energy leaders on how they are meeting the challenges of the energy transition.

‘Let’s Clear the Air’ is focused on promoting a constructive dialogue on the future of energy.

In this preview episode, the hosts also talk about how innovation is going to be a main focus.

“We can use innovation within the industry to stay competitive as an energy source,” says Adam. “We strive to doing things responsibly by increasing efficiency and productivity. Those are the types of things we’re going to talk about on this show.”


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